Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Change in plans.

Joe's recruiter got his days wrong so we are in Indy now.
We decided to stay at the same hotel joe is in so we can see him until 10pm tonight.

It's not what we had planned but that's military life I hear.

Emily is loving the hotel room and she is "talking" very loudly! :)
I won't be surprised if someone calls and complains on us lol.

I am hoping we can see joe's swearing in ceremony in the morning. It just depends on how early it is.

If I can get some pictures of it is I'll share here.

Remember, please don't post any info on fb about joe being gone right now.
For our safety it's best this way.

Thanks everyone!!!

There have been some more charges.....
The recruiters where indeed incorrect and joe was correct,
Joe was not supposed to be in Indy until Wednesday evening not Tonight.
We are here and have paid for a hotel room so we are all 3 going to stay the night in Indy and spend time with joe.
When we checkout tomorrow we will spend the day sight seeing until we have to drop him back off at the hotel and go home...

At least we get one more day together but it sucks that I won't get to see him swear in.
I don't have enough of Emily's keto meals with us and I didn't bring her scale to stay another night.


  1. If I was able, I would bring you what you need. love you guys!!!

  2. So glad that you are getting to spend more time with Joe. Sucks the last few hours have to be so rushed around. Give Joe a big hug from me and a high 5 from JJ. :)

    Love you guys!

  3. Well, that's military life! Everyone is all mixed up and nobody has anything straight. At least that gives you all a little more time together and can see a little of Indy tomorrow! Everyone gets a big kiss and hug from me! Love you all

  4. Glad you get to spend today with him though sight seeing. Ricky told me last night that Joe told him you all were up there & I was like "WHAT?" ... I thought my days were all confused! :)
    You're pulling away today as an official military wife. But you're one tough cookie so I know you & Emily are going to be just fine.
    Tell Joe to have one more Mountain Dew before he heads off! :)
    Drive safely!!!!