Friday, January 25, 2013

First phone call

Joe called me at 1:30am to let me know he is there safely.

It was a quick call.
He said he could call again in 2 weeks.

Emily won't sleep at night and wakes up crying. Normally, Joe would get up with her and go in the living room and hold her.
It was their alone time.
I can't do it like he does apparently.

Nighttime is the hardest. I miss him the most then. 

Can't wait to hear his voice again soon!

Thanks everyone for the kind worlds. I appreciate all the text and messages asking how we are. 


  1. Glad he's there safely <3 Did it sound like he was reading off of a paper word for word? I hope you are able to get some rest while Emily does sleep and when her nurse is there. Just remember, each day that passes is another day closer to when he will be in your arms again. <3 lots of love!