Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hello again!

It's been a while.

I haven't blogged since February!

Many things have happened since then.

Pneumonia...twice, RSV, moved...twice, 3rd  birthday, and now the NAVY!
Joe, Emily's dad, has enlisted in the Navy. Boot camp is March 12th.

We are pretty excited about the new adventure will be taking. It will be hard and lonely at times. I realize that. It will also be a huge sacrifice. We will loose our amazing nurse, Kathy, that Emily has had for over a year now.
That freedom Kathy gives our family is amazing. I can sleep when Emily won't, Joe and I can go on a date or to the grocery.
We will, of course, miss our family and friends.
We will be living on a beach some where to that is worth traveling, right?!

I am so proud of Joe. He will be serving our country in a way most people can't. He will be protecting us. You.
I look at him a little differently now. It's a new respect that I have for him.

Emily is doing new things all the time.
She is gaining strength. She loves playing with a few toys that dangle overhead. She is making her opinion very well known. :)
She started therapy in a new center. We are in the process of ordering new equipment for her new needs. She needs a gait trainer (think baby walker but bigger and less restrictive) the stander is great but she wants to be moving!

I wish I could report that she is seizure free. Sadly, they have not improved at all. She did another round of oral steroids a couple months back and it really calmed them down. They are slowly returning though. It makes my heart so sad to see her seize everyday. She is getting very frustrated by it now. Emily is very aware and they stop her from enjoying life.

We see neuro soon and have a lot to discuss.

I am still keeping up her facebook page called for the love of Emily.

I do miss blogging though. I may stop in every now and then to release some of these thoughts!

Thank you to those to have messaged or emailed me to ask how Emily is doing. I appreciate all the prayers.


  1. She is so cute!

    Love to you guys...

  2. Glad you stopped in! We need to get together soon.