Monday, July 25, 2011


Emily is still very stiff and tight in her legs. Especially her left leg. She had her first PT session this morning and to say it was rough was an understatement.
It's just going to take time and lots of stretching.

I have talked about Emily's waterwaybabies pool and neck ring before but I want to talk about it again.
It's that great!

We put Emily in it yesterday and today to help with her leg stiffness and she is loving it!

Emily in her polka dot bikini

As soon as she hits the water she starts moving. I don't think she stopped at all and she was in it for an hour each time!

I took a close up picture so that everyone can see it is not strangling her. It is like if you were in the pool and you rested your chin on a float. You are weightless so it is not pulling on her head at all.

Her is a side view of the pool. I love seeing my girl standing, even if she looks like Captain Morgan right now ;)

She puts her right foot on the floor and pushes.

The smile says it all!

I am so thankful Emily's great-aunt Shirley bought her this!

She feels so free. Emily is always being held by something, us, her nurse, a brace, a pillow, or some type of chair.
Water therapy is the only time she is free to move how she wants to move.

When it's not 175 degrees outside we are going to take her swimming in a big pool with it. Then she can really move! :)


  1. Super cool...she looks very happy, and it must be wonderful to see that she actually enjoys something thatbis good for her too!

    Is it considered " medical" and covered by insurance? I imagine it must be expensive?

    I saw Reagan Leigh in one of this too and she seemed to like it.

    Glad to see her cast is off and she is doing well.

    Thanks for all the prayers...


  2. The entire system pool and neck ring is $105 and just he neck ring is $37.50
    It is really good on the digestive system too. Our kids don't get upright all the way. It makes her burp lol

  3. So great to see her out of the cast!! We have the neck ring, but not the pool, unfortunately. Marissa LOVES it when we are able to get to a pool to get her in it!

  4. So happy for Emily!! The water therapy is awesome for her legs!!

  5. Since you told me about it over a year ago i have had another child purchase the ring and use it in their much COOLED "hot" tub. She loved it too and it worked great. Thanks for sharing and glad that it is helping her find movement!!