Tuesday, July 12, 2011

1st dentist appt

Emily has HUGE teething hematomas. She does not chew with her back teeth so the molars that are coming in have gotten very swollen and filled with blood and fluid.

 We do everything we can to break the molar free but nothing has worked. It is causing her a lot of pain and lots of sleepless nights.

They cleaned her teeth. Which she loved!

She seriously did not make one peep!

She even smiled at the dentist :) He said he was wearing the same toe nail polish as her Ha! To each their own I guess lol

He popped her top (biggest) hemotoma. It was not as much fluid as I thought. He looked like he was digging into her gums and I was prepared for screaming but she just layed there. No biggie!
I think it almost was a relief to have the pressure off her gums. He said it could fill back up but just keep working on it.
Emily has many many teethers and we now have a z-vibe, thanks to my friend Kathy! With all of these things we are hoping her little teeth will start coming out to enjoy some yummy food that needs chewing ;)

By the way, I loved this dentist's office. Tuesdays are reserved for special needs patients. It was nice to not have all the stares and really silly questions. Well, they did stare at her neon green cast, but who wouldn't :)
Just for some cuteness! I had a very rough night with Emily the night before. I asked Joe to take her so I could get some real sleep in the other room. I woke up to go get her meds and breakfast ready and this is what I find!
Sound asleep with daddy!
She is rotten!


  1. What an awesome dentist!!!!!

    She probably did feel so much better to get that pressure off of those gums.

    That picture of her & Joe is adorable :)

  2. I miss the days when Emily's whole body would fit on my chest and she would sleep there. Now if I want to rest with her I have to lay next to her. My little girl is growing up too fast!!

  3. Wow you have a great dentist. My Finnian had the eruption cysts on his gums too and we went to 2 dentists and in the end we had to go to an oral surgeon. We ended up going to the local hospital as they have a dental clinic to see the surgeon. he was so excited to see the eruption cysts and asked if I would mind if the student dentists could come in to check Finnian out. He said it was such a great experience for his students to see the cysts as normally they only read about them and might never see them. It was even better we didn't get a bill from the surgeon. They opened up his gums and exposed the teeth underneath. Normally they would have just let nature takes its course but because Finny has epilepsy and pain can cause seizures they took care of the problem.
    Hugs to Miss Emily