Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Working hard and dr appt

Emily's left leg is still very tight and sore but we are stretching it more and more each day.
She is working really hard!

She is still getting lots of pool time in her water way babies pool. She knows when she wants to swim and if you don't get her in the pool asap she will let you know!

Emily finally had her 2 year check up. We had to wait until the cast was off for it.

She hates the paper on the table!

She cringes and wiggles and fusses.

So I put her back in her chair :)

She looks so big in this picture.

She is small. 20.11lbs and 30 in long. She will probably always be little.

They were pleased with the progress she has been making and commented on how alert she was.
3 hours later we had blood drawn, urine checked (they made her mad so she peed on the wall and the nurses ha!) a swallow study scheduled, a referral to a seating clinic at Riley Children's hospital to get fitting for a stander and a plan to help get some weight back on her.

She lost several pounds while in the cast and is not tolerating the over night feeds right now. 4am puke is never fun to clean up.

I am so thankful to have a pediatrician who really listens and a case manager who really does all the work ;). It is so important you and your child's doctor see eye to eye on their care.

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