Thursday, August 18, 2011

Women of Faith Round 2/dr appts

I am leaving in the morning for the Women of Faith conference in Indianapolis. I am so excited and very much looking forward to this weekend.
Most moms can agree with me that you are never really "off". Even in my sleep I am "on". I hear beeps from monitors or feeding pumps. I wake up if she is breathing different. I can hear her paci drop.

It's not a break from Emily that I am needing, I am actually dreading the fact that this will be the first night I have spent away from her.
I need a recharge so that I can be a better mom and a better wife.

Emily is in great hands. Our wonderful nurse, Kathy, will have her Friday until Joe gets off work and then daddy gets to spend the weekend with her. Good thing for her she likes to watch football!

Please pray that it goes well, we have safe travels, and that Emily stays healthy. If anyone remembers what happened last year click here to read.

Emily had a great neuro appt. He is pleased with her progress. I still can't believe the things she is doing!
I finally got some pictures of her and her neuro, Dr. Farber. Don't worry he gave me permission to post these. ;)

We had a time getting a smile out of her.

Finally, a grin!

It really is nice to have a doctor who listens to you and really cares about your child.
We are very thankful to have Dr. Farber in our lives. Wish it were a different reason though.

Emily also had a swallow study done. She is a picky eater. We tried to warn them but they have to add contrast in the liquid and food so that they can see the food going down under the x-ray. They gave her some pink liquid  and she gagged and chocked (new that was going to happen) it was overly sweet and she does not care for overly sweet anything! She aspirated on that which means the liquid went into her airway. They tried a baby food but she would not eat it-told you picky! I did bring one of her favorite jarred food, macaroni and beef. I know, yuck, but she LOVES it! She ate that great and did not aspirate on it.
We tried her regular pediasure and she aspirated on it too.
SO, no liquids at all by mouth for now. Any baby food is allowed and we will repeat the study in 3 months.
Sucks, but not the end of the world. We have work to do. Hopefully as her muscles strengthen so will her swallow.

Love this face!

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