Monday, August 22, 2011


Well friends, I did it! I successfully went out of town, stayed the night, enjoyed myself, and came home to what I left.


I was so very nervous, more than I am afraid to admit.
I have never left Emily overnight. Tried once last year, it ended in failure and a trip to the er.

I can not tell how much this trip to Women of Faith helped my soul.

I missed Emily but I did not worry (Much ;))

She was well, happy and I had lots of pictures texted to me.
She did great and slept ok(ish) and ate most of her food.

All the things I worry about.

To be able to have a girls weekend, enjoy fellowship with 33 members from our church and 10,000 women in one arena was amazing!

Our group!

Michelle, Angie, and myself.

Jordan, refused to conform and wear pink.

My best-friend. Angie, it's a good picture!

At one point they had us all hold hands. In the row in front of us were a mother and daughter, Sha and Vicki. I just love this picture!


I was so excited to hear Angie Smith speak. She has a blog and has written a book about loosing her daughter. She just started on the women of faith tour this year.

She is a fantastic speaker and so real! She had us laughing and then the next second crying.
I had already read her first book about the lose of her daughter and I bought her 2nd book while we were there.
It is about fear.
How appropriate, huh?

As a mother to a little girl with lots going on, I fear a lot.
What happens to her when I am gone?
What if we loose her 2nd insurance?
What if Joe lost his job?
What if we lost Joe, how will I provide for her?
What if I get hurt and can't take care of her?
What if I have to put her in a home one day?
What is she is a statistic and does not make it though childhood?
How would I live without her?

This list really is overwhelming but sadly I think about these things often.
Telling myself to trust in the Lord, He will provide, does not comfort me as people say it should.
Praying does not take those fears away either and telling me they are irrational will just make me angry at you.

They are mine and they are all real!
I have to learn a healthy way to control them.

So I was pretty pumped when I got to meet Angie Smith!
AHHH, I know right. I wanted to scream too but I totally had to play it cool.

I wanted to say many things but I am afraid it all came out in one word.
She just smiles and asked a few questions about Emily.
I know she is just a person but i got to meet her!!
ok I am over it now ;)

I came home to a happy girl ready to eat her spaghetti!
Bathtime followed!

We even had a shirt made for Emily.

Sunday, Joe let me sleep for a few hours in the other room. Emily was up for a while and he knew how tired I was.
I went to get them up for church and this is what I found.
Yes, I crawled in bed and snuggled!

I love them!


  1. So glad that you got to stay this year for the
    women's conference. You really need the time
    to at least worship God. I have been following
    Emily's blog and am glad that I got to see her

  2. Thanks for sharing about your fears & anxieties. I have a lot of the same fears about savanna. Just b/c we love & believe in God doesn't make us immune to being human. We feel fears & worry just like any other person. I'm so thankful that you were able to spend a joyous time away. Blessings to you all. Love the pics! Hang in there. Praying always.