Saturday, July 9, 2011

More great things!

Emily's OT left this toy for Emily to play with this week. We decided to try it out after dinner last night, so excuse the messy face. When you have a good thing going you do not stop to clean up ;).

She gets so proud of herself when she pushes the flowers.

By the way, I am not moving the flowers to her hands, she is doing it all by her self.

The next video is awesome because you can see she opens her hand all the way before pushing the flower.

This is another big deal! I am so stinking proud of my girl!


  1. She is making so much progress!! Go Emily :) Love you sweetie!

  2. For some reason I couldn't see the video on my iPad....

    But I can't believe all the surprises ms. Emily has up her sleeve! She is really quite an amazing little are so blessed to be a part of and witness to her daily little miracles! God is working among you!