Friday, May 27, 2011

Neuro visit

Emily had a neuro appt with out favorite neurologist on Thursday.
I showed him the videos I took of Emily newest tricks and he agrees that it looks like spasms but the new thing that we think is a seizure he is not sure about.

She gets very still, her arms get tight, her eyes dart around and if you are quite she does not make any noises. If you talk to her she cracks up laughing! It is a cute, hysterical, belly laugh and not at all what you would think a laughing seizure would sound like.
She responds to us during theses spells which would indicate it is not a seizure but with Emily anything is possible.

So, no changes neuro-wise for now. He noticed how much tighter her arms are getting so we added a very small does of Valium in the morning to help keep her loose.

She has not had any spasms in 3 days though. Just 2 day in a row and nothing since. All 4 molars are coming in at the same time so we are dealing with some major pain, especially at night. So we just taking day by day and handling what ever problems arise that day.

Her spica cast is not bothering her at all. You would not know she was in a body cast by the way she acts!
The only time she is uncomfortable is in the car and don't take her many places.
The way her legs are bent and the fact the her legs are so short make the car seat even more uncomfortable. We have a pillow under her to make her fit in it a little better.

Thanks so much for everyone's prayers!

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