Sunday, May 8, 2011


My nerves are kicking in.

Maybe it is the surgery tomorrow.
Maybe it is the 3 months in a body cast.

I am trying to stay calm but...

We had a great day today. We went to church and she was so loud (happy talking) we had to take her downstairs to be watched
After that we went to the zoo.

Emily really enjoyed herself! She was awake and alert the entire time! I am so proud of her!

After the zoo we all stopped and got ice cream and Emily ate some of my orange sherbet cone. She loves ice cream!

We are just trying really hard to enjoy today. I know she will not enjoy the next three months very much but we will do the best we can.

She got an early b-day gift from her g-ma and g-pa Rollins.

She will be spending a lot of time here after her surgery. She will be very limited in the seating options with such a big cast. Good thing she is little :)

I was telling Emily the other night about her surgery and was telling her not to be scared. That we know it will hurt and it won't be any fun but we are only doing this to make her better and to help make the rest of her life better.
Joe overheard me talking and said "I wonder if Jesus says that about us?"
Emily is not going to understand why her mommy and daddy put in this horrible hot and itchy cast for 3 months. She is not going to understand why she can't have a bath or be cuddled tight.
She is not going to understand that what we are doing IS for the best.

I think that is how we are sometimes. The painful things we go through could be for the best. When we are in pain and hurting from our problems in life we can't see why it is for the best. We can't see past the pain to know that it is making our future with Him better.

I do not know why Emily has to go through what she does.
I don't.
 Epilepsy is way more than enough, then to add this painful surgery and even more painful recovery on top just seems too much.
We just have to trust that it is what is best for us and our family.

Well friends, I just ask if you will pray for my little princess.

Pray for the surgeon and the OR team. Give them the wisdom they need to take the best care of Emily. Pray for Joe and I during the 3 month recovery. It will be trying on our patience I am sure.
Most of all pray for Emily.

Thank you friends!!


  1. I know three months seems an eternity. But I can tell you it will fly by quicker than you think! As of today we have only 16 more days left for Michael! You can do this. It isn't easy, I won't lie, but it is doable, I promise. We are already in prayer!

  2. Praying for you all! Sometimes we walk through painful trials so that others don't have to walk through it here on earth alone. The Lord will always be with us even when we don't see him he's there. As addy put it one day last week, 'God is a big tall daddy who holds our hands & helps us walk every day like when you teach a baby to walk. Without Him holding us we would fall.' So even though we can't see HIM he'll be there every step you all take. Love in Christ, Tracy

  3. We'll be thinking of you all and especially Emily tomorrow. I'm sure the next few months will be so challenging, but you will, no doubt, face it with grace and love.

  4. Thiking of you! You'll all do great! I'm here for advice if you need! We only had to do six weeks in the cast butyou all get used to it rather quickly (we'll be doing it again in July too). Keep on top of the pain, ask for zofran to help with tolerating food afterwards, and hope for now seizures!!!

  5. Look at all the smiles in these pictures! I am praying for her surgery to go smoothly and that her recovery is as easy as possible. (((hugs)))