Wednesday, May 18, 2011

just cuteness

Things are still going well. I am amazed everyday at how well Emily has adjusted to her cast.
It is almost as if since she does not have to worry about moving her legs she can concentrate on her arms and vision more.

She is tracking and following our voices much more consistently.
She is addicted to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! I can turn on cartoons and she passively watches but if we turn on Mickey she lights up!!

I know she is sporting some crazy hair. We just washed it and it dried that way lol!

She fell asleep waiting on me to change her :)

We lovingly call her our puppy. She is always licking!

Can you tell she is teething!?

She fell asleep with her mouth wide open, chewing on her pillow.

See, there's Mickey!

Watching Mickey
I can't believe we are almost 2 weeks into the casting already. Glad it's going by fast!


  1. I cant even decide which picture I like the best.. the crazy hair? All the strong head action? All the teething pictures? all so dang cute! ... Cant you see why she loves Mickey? Those colors are so bright! I'd sit & watch it too :)

    I love kids are so resiliant & adjust so quickly to changes... its like she's not even noticing the cast, isnt it? And think how strong her hips will be when she gets the casts off & they're in the right place. No stopping this girl!! :) Keep it up Emily!!!!

  2. she looks so strong!!!
    so cool to see all the positives going on....way to go Emily!