Friday, May 13, 2011


We are slowly figuring things out.

Emily is not in much pain during the day, mostly just at night. When she is uncomfortable it is eased with a minimum dose of Tylenol or Valium.

I am going to post the things that work and don't work while she is in the spica. I am so thankful to have found a few parents who have already gone through this. Jenny over at has been so helpful! Her little girl Cici has had to have a spica and is going though it again soon.

Our hardest thing is to figure out how to get Emily setting up straight enough to eat without chocking. So for now she is only eating a few bites per day and the rest is going down her tube. She is not really interested right now for some reason too.
The way her legs bent she can not set in a chair or on the couch.
We are working with her therapist to try and figure something out.

Here we are using her boppy, a pillow under that to elevate her, a tummy time pillow behind her back to take the pressure off her cast on her back and a total pillow to support her head.

She loves to be outside. Emily's grandma and grandpa Johnson bought her a nice wagon for Christmas but it is not wide enough for Emily to use right now. She will be able to use that wagon once she is out of her cast.
For now we are using one a friend gave us.

We used a wedge pillow for her to lay on and a memory foam pillow under her bottom to keep her up.

It was warm that day so we did not get so stay out long but she liked it.

We got this inflatable shampoo basin from amazon. It is large for her but it worked well. She did not care for it but she got over it quickly.

I love this face that she makes!

She instantly started reaching up and grabbing the lights and toys. After this pic I added some more toys for her to play with. I am trying to get a video together when she was playing with this. She was talking and what we call singing. It was so cute!
She is really moving her arms so much more since she can't move her legs.
We are really going to kick up therapy the next few months and hopefully when the cast comes off she will retain what she learned!


  1. Thats a great idea putting the Christmas lights on the toy for her. I wished we had thought of that when my lad was small.
    The boppy pillows were a life saver for us when Finny had his hips done too. She looks great keep up the good work.

  2. Is that the wagon we got for her for Christmas? You sure did fix it up good for her! I'm glad she's as comfortable as she can be! She'll be out of that darned ole cast in no time!
    We love you!
    Grandma and Grandpa Johnson

  3. Oh I see...ours is too small. That's ok, she can use it when she's out of that darn cast. I know it has to be really wide for her right now. The thing is that she is able to get outside for some sunshine and fresh air. We love you EMMY!