Sunday, May 1, 2011

another first

I had this grand vision of the first time Emily got to swing on the swings. It know to most it sounds like a silly vision. To me it was a big deal because Emily is very limited physically. She is about a 3-6 month age range developmentally.

She got a huggabebe for Christmas and it is just perfect for her in one of the bucket swings.

Joe and I had this planned and Emily was in a great mood!

We found a local park and to my excitement no one was at the swings. Emily tends to shut down it there is too much noise and by shut down I mean fall asleep.

We get everything ready, put her in her huggabebe, stick her in the swing, and then instantly this......

She HATED it!!! Every single second.

We will try again sometime in the fall. She will be in a cast for 3 month next week so maybe after some time she will enjoy it :), we'll see.

My girl would just rather I hold her and snuggle at the park then swing. That is ok. She is only little for a while.

We are just so proud of her. She is doing new stuff everyday! Just yesterday she held her arms up when I unbuckled her car seat (she knew she wanted me to pick her up!!)
She is holding her trunk better and better everyday.
When we hold her she does not just lay her head down on our shoulders, she holds her own head up when she is not tired.
I could go on and on about the inch stones she is making.

Emily may not have many milestones, some days they will be inchstones, centimeterstones, or even millimeterstones but heck they are something!!

I just love her so and I am so thankful I get to watch her grow up, no matter how far she may get.


  1. It's a totally foreign feeling - I think she'll eventually learn to love it. Oh and we just discovered the Huggabebe and it is so wonderful for Marissa!

  2. We are so proud of her too. We saw so much improvement when we were there to visit. Had fun watching a movie with her...was so special to cuddle with her. Love you Emily....Papaw and Mamaw Rollins

  3. yay!!! so glad you are seeing glimpses of what she can do...what she's all good stuff!!!!
    Super cool what can happen when the "monsters" go hearing about it...


  4. Emily, You are so amazingly cute and adoreable! My name is Jenna and I came across your site. Emily is such a brave courageous fighter and an amazing hero, who I know has touched so many lives. She has touched my life. I am so limited on what I can do and it takes me a long time to learn things, but like Emily, I make progress everyday, even though I get frustrated at times. I have many physical, developmental and health needs. I am so glad she had a great Easter, and I love her beautiful shinning smile!