Sunday, February 28, 2010

picture post

My friend Angie and her family came to visit us in the hospital yesterday.
She has a daughter, Ava, that is 3 months younger than Emily.
We are just sure they will grow up to be best friends!

How cute are they with their chubby cheeks!!

Come on friend, lets go play!

Ava reached out and held her hand. It was so sweet!

They were talking to each other, there is no telling what they said about us! hahaha!

This is my favorite picture! I was talking to Joe and did not even realize that Emily was holding my thumb. Like I said on my previous post Emily does not normally grab things purposefully, so when I looked down and saw this it just made my day!! I love this little girl!!

*Quick update-We are still in the hospital. Emily is not eating enough by mouth. They said she should be eating appx 32oz and yesterday she took in about 17oz. So we will see what the doctor has to say today.


  1. OH MY... what wonderful pictures... aren't they just so cute together???? Yep... I can see some trouble happening right there ;) Just like their mommas!!!! And Emily holding your thumb... priceless!!!!

  2. Erica, your DD is just beautiful. What wonderful pictures these are to remind us that those little moments are so precious. Many prayers for your family are being lifted over here.