Friday, February 26, 2010

Emily loves her daddy

We had a pretty good day.

It started out rough because she had to have a NG-tube placed but she did so good. She barely cried. They put 4 ounces of formula and breast milk in and she tolerated it very well.

4 hours later they wanted us to try and feed her a bottle and what she did not eat they would put down her tube. Well she ate it all! The doctor said sometimes it just takes a jump start.

We just fed her again and she ate almost 3 ounces. She is very tired because she just had a pretty long spasm so they put the last ounce down her tube with her pm medicine.

I have to share what a daddy's girl Emily is.

She has been pretty content all day. Not happy not fussy just OK.

Joe walks in the room and sets down behind her and he said one word and her face lit up! She began looking for him and he walked around and she could not stop smiling!

Even with a feeding tube she was so happy to see her daddy!

My friend Angie took me out for dinner tonight. I was so nice to just get out of the hospital even just to eat dinner and chat with my friend.

While we were eating Joe text me and said, "Emily is grabbing the bars on her bed." I know that might not seem much to you all but to us it's a big deal. For her to know that something is there and that she can use her hands to touch it is a new thing. She is learning more and that is so great!!!

He sent me this picture. With the caption "Get me out of here!"

Oh, I almost forgot! If Emily keeps eating the way she is we just may get to go home tomorrow!!! It's a big maybe but hey it's still a chance.


  1. I just know our precious Emmy will get to come home today. It is great to see her smile. I want her to get out of the hospital and be happy at home with her mommy and daddy. I am SOO glad to see that she is now grasping items. We can put her rattles in her hand so she can get used to holding items and then she will notice that she is holding a rattle and eventually bring it up to her to look at. She is soo precious.

  2. look at that smile!!!

    I bet Joe was just beaming at his little girl! :)

  3. WooHoo...great update!