Saturday, January 30, 2010

seizures, what else?

Emily seems to be getting better (developmentally), but since we have weaned her off her ACTH it seems her seizures have picked up again. On the good side they are very short, most under 5 minutes. She has up to 10 or so a day, that I see.
I actually got a video of one of her seizures. She has a couple that she does now. I know she is talented. :)
One of her seizures is the classic spasm, some call it jack knife or jerking ( her arms and legs jerk up at the same time she does a crunch with her belly muscles) this one has gotten very weak though its mostly just her legs kick slightly now.
Another one is in this video she will just stop doing whatever she was doing and get really quiet and smack her lips a little or twitch her mouth a little. In the video her seizure starts around :25.

On a good note, she has begun to babble again and smile and laugh a lot more! I missed her babbling and her little voice so much. While she was on ACTH she did not do anything except cry and then that was even a different cry. It is so crazy how much that medicine changes them.

Emily is also trying to move a lot more. Joe was holding her and we usually have to hold her pacifier in her mouth until she gets a good hold on it but this time she put her little fist up there and was holding it in. She has been stretching her arms and kicking her legs more too!

I can't wait for next week when therapy starts, I am sure she will being doing a lot more soon!!

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