Tuesday, January 12, 2010

before the diagnosis

When Emily was born she was "normal". They found a spot on her heart when I was pregnant so she had to see a cardiologist after she was born and he did a echo and said it was a patent foramen ovale and that you will be able to hear a murmur when she gets bigger but not to worry because it is just an "innocent murmur" and she will be just fine. She has always been under weight, around the 5% mark of babies her age. When we left the hospital she only weighed 5lbs 3oz. She has always been a pretty good eater though. Emily started spitting up and they had me increase her feeding to every 1-2 hours ( which was SO much fun :)) and for shorter periods of time. After that didn't work the dr. started her on zantac and when that didn't work they switched her to prevacid. It didn't work either so we stopped it because it just constipated her. I felt like we were at the dr. all the time. She was so fussy, she would scream ALL day long. The drs just said it was colic, one said it was reflux, and another said it was her temperament. Very few things calmed her. She pretty much lived in her swing, she would sleep in her swing at night because I had to sleep too. I can't even begin to tell you the amount of "D" batteries we went through. One thing that was guaranteed to calm her down was the bath tub. I would sometimes give her 2 baths a day just to get 30 min of peace. In the bath tub she would kick and squeal. She would talk to her toy dolphin and we jokingly said that she was a normal baby in the water and called her our little mermaid. She was behind developmentally but we just chocked it up to the fact she was so fussy and had to be swaddled all the time. She didn't smile often and was rarely happy. Through all the sleepless nights and the extreme fussiness I could not imagine loving someone more! She is the love of our lives!


  1. Look at that picture..... I forgot about all that hair she had so early!

  2. I thought the same things are Rebecca... where did that hair come from...and where did it go!!!