Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lots of smiles!

Yesterday we upped Emily's topamax dose and it seems to be helping. When she woke up for lunch she was so happy!! I have never seen her like that before. Even before all the meds and the diagnosis of IS she was NEVER this happy.

Everything I said to her she would just laugh and smile. Let me tell you it was the best feeling ever!!

I am just praying that this medicine is helping her.

She also has been trying to move her body a little. Ever since the ACTH she quit moving. She only rolled over one time before the diagnosis but she would kick and throw her arms around and held up her head. She was delayed but now since all the meds she literally stopped everything. She can't even hold her own head up. So to see her trying to hold her head up and feel her little muscles trying to move more is so amazing!!

I tried all day to get a good pic or video but every time i would put the camera in her face she would either stop or close her eyes.

Her other new thing is sticking her bottom lip out when she is mad. It is the cutest thing!!


  1. Oh my gosh... look at that pouty face! How adorable is that... I know that's not the point she wants to get across "I'm not adorable - I'm MAD!"...

    So glad you had a great day with her!!!

  2. LOVE the pouty face... NOW anyway... won't be so cute at 16!!! Glad that she is happier.. know that is a joy for you to see!