Friday, January 15, 2010

Praise post!!

Today is 2 weeks since Emily's last seizure!! Every time she flinches or moves I hold my breath and wait for her spasms to start and they haven't.

On Wed. 1st steps (an early intervention program) came to plan her treatment for physical and occupational therapy. She was in a pretty good mood and by that I mean she wasn't fussy. Since we started the meds she has reverted to a newborn-like state. We were all talking and I heard what I thought we her getting fussy but no she was LAUGHING!!!! I have never heard my baby laugh. Every time I would say something to her she would smile so big and then laugh. It was the greatest feeling ever!!

This was beautiful smile I got to see!!

We had an appt with her pediatrician and she weighs a massive 13.3lbs! She is still very little for her age, only in the 3rd % but she is gaining so they are not too worried yet. She loves to eat and I try to make most of her baby food and she is still breastfed. Emily spits up but not so much that she wouldn't gain weight so I guess she is just gonna be tiny.


  1. I bet that laugh sounded like a piece of HEAVEN!!!! There is just a taste of reward for all the hard work you're doing mom! :)

  2. Gotta love that smile!!!! I know your heart just must have been singing!