Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just proud

I feel like a lot of the time when we talk about or describe our children we tell what they can't do or what is "wrong" with them.

The list can be very long and extensive.

We tell how much they can't do physically.

We tell the words they have not said or the toys they can't yet play with.

Right now I just want to share the awesome, amazing, she-makes-me-so-freaking-proud-to-be-her-mom things that Emily CAN do!

Emily can lay on her belly and lift her head up off the floor long enough to turn it from side to side.

When we are holding her she automatically puts her arm around you holding on.

She can now stretch her left leg (the one that was out of socket) completely straight on her own without pain!

She can activate several toys.

Today she squeezed a ball with both hands during OT.

She can say mom and addy (daddy).

When you say show me your teeth she says ahhhhhhh :)

She can get her fingers in her mouth.

She can hold her hands mid line!

Emily can roll to her side from her back.

She mimics you if you make a sound she will grunt back.

If you do something she likes and ask her if she wants to do it again she grunts.

If you are in the kitchen cooking or she hears the microwave she starts smacking her lips and says ummmm.

She is eating most of 3 meals by mouth.

She smiles all the time.

She is the happiest kid I have ever seen!

She makes me want to be a better mom.

To some people her accoplishments may not be big but to me they are huge!

I am just so proud.


  1. She is doing so much! Way to go Emily!

  2. All amazing and wonderful. She has come so far! And will go farther still. You and Joe are great parents and it shows in the strides Emily has made! You say Emily makes you want to be a better mom, and I believe you make Emily want to reach for the stars!

  3. I wanted to jump out of my chair & yell "GO EMILY" for all these things! I'm so proud of her for all the things she does... & so many people are proud of you & Joe too with all the things YOU DO as parents!!! #1 being how you cheer on your little angel! :)

  4. Emily is amazing. I can't wait to see what she will learn to do next. :)