Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas, vacation, surgery and teething oh my!!

Lots and lots of updates. I will be brief though.
I need to do several post to explain everything but I thought tonight I will catch everyone up.

Christmas was nice. Quite and calm. Just like we like it.

We had an impromptu mini vacation for New Years. The three of us went to Joe's dad and step-moms (Lonnie and Brenda) house Thur-Mon. It went so well. It was a 4 1/2 hour drive and Emily did fantastic! We all felt so relaxed the entire time we were there. It was so nice to have extra hands around to help with Emily. Of course Emily loved having her grandma and grandpa to love on her too!
I am proud of us for doing it. We only forgot one thing too HER KETO SCALE!! No worries though, I made enough meals to last a few days and then we bought another from Walmart.
It is hard to travel with Emily and we can't do it often but this trip was so worth it!

As long as she had her little puppy ,Violet, she was fine. :)

We had an appointment with ortho. Emily's left hip is out of socket and most likely has been for a while.
They will surgically fix it on Feb 14th. After the surgery she will be in a spica cast for 3 month and then bracing for a while after that.
This is what the cast will look like. She will be in the bilateral long leg hip spica.

She is off of topamax now!! Yay!!! Only on phenobarb and the ketogentic diet. This is the best seizure control she has ever had!
She is having a few-20 seizures per day BUT they are all very very short and only when she is falling asleep, waking up or after a very hard cluster of spasms. If we can get her all the way asleep or wake her up she stops.
She is incredibly alert and really looks for people. You can just see it in her eyes how much better she feels!
She is cutting her 4th tooth. Two on bottom and now two on top. This 4th one has caused her more pain though. Lots of tylenol and oragel and snuggles.

I will update more soon with lots and lots of pics!

Hope everyone has had a great New Years!!!


  1. That's a great picture of you two! Looks like she's even smiling for her mommy! :)

    I'm so happy Emily did so good on the drive to see her grandparents! I'm sure they are now wanting you all to do it more often ;) I'm so glad you all went & got a weekend of rest!

  2. Both of our children have a puppy like Violet :) Its the best toy!!!

    So glad to hear about your success on the diet!!!

  3. Emmy is doing AWESOME! I hate to see her have to be in that cast, but I know its all a a part of her healing and getting well. I know she will learn to sit and walk once she is through this.
    I am thanking God sooo much for her seizures being healed as well. God is answering our prayers!!!
    Grandpa and I love you more than you'll ever know Emmy!!!!!
    Grandma Johnson