Saturday, December 18, 2010

sweet overload

"True friendship is seen through the heart, not through the eyes."

My best friend, Angie, had a little girl, Ava, 3 months after I had Emily. Angie and I were so happy to find out that we would be having little girls so close in age. I saw them going to kindergarten, prom, and graduation together. They still may do those things just in a different way. I still have all of those dreams for Emily they are just different now.

I am so thankful to have Angie, I honestly don't know what I would do without her. She can finish my sentences and tell what I am saying just with a look.
I am also very thankful that Emily will grow up with Ava. I know her and Emily are very different but I am just so excited to see what they will be able to teach each other.
Emily will teach tolerance, kindness and acceptance. She will watch Ava doing things she can't yet and I pray that she will learn from her.

Everyone needs that friend who can finish your sentence or just squeeze your neck :)

Ava was so sweet with Emily. She held her and kept hugging her neck and kissing her cheek.

They are growing up so fast!


  1. I think its so awesome you & Angie are still so close after all these years... true friendship! :)

    LOOK at that picture of them in the hospital. Its crazy to see how fast they are growing up!!! So sweet!!!!

  2. Just what I needed this morning.

  3. YOU are a beautiful person...

    I had a friend who had a baby a few months before Hudson...we had the same dreams...
    I struggled for a long time with the 2 in the same room...thankfully I was able to talk to her about it...and today it's all good....good friends who see us through are priceless!!!!!

  4. I have to confess when I just saw the blog title I thought this was going to be about Joe
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)