Friday, December 17, 2010

stuff and more good things

I love stuff.
 By stuff I mean things people use for therapy, positioning, seating, toys etc etc....

Insurance pays for a very selected amount of "stuff" each year and most of that you have to fight for. If you chose to buy said "stuff" out of pocket and it is labeled for therapy, special needs, or medical it will be incredibly expensive!
So we try to find things that can be turned into therapy use.

Right now Emily's vision is taking off so we are trying to stimulate her in different ways. It seems that she loves lights a lot so after some thinking what we can do.......
Turn your baby activity gym into a light show!

She even grabbed the lights!

Here is a couple of pics from yesterday when she was holding her head up. She did this for 3 minutes straight!!!!!!!

I am so proud of my little girl!!

What kind of "stuff" do you use to make therapy creative?


  1. You know - a really good cheap thing are those "space blankets" that people use for camping to keep warm. They are like $2 and make lots of great noise, are very shiny and you can put xmas lights on it to make it super fun!

  2. You are always so creative...

    Shoot - I'd like to drap lights over me too!!!! :)

    Keep up the thinking lady!!! My idea... dress Joe up in lights & have him walk around

  3. omgosh...I am so happy you are seeing glimmers of must keep you going and put a huge smile on your faces!

    Way to go Emily!

  4. We just use a soft blanket folded in quarters to swing Collin and stimulate his vestibular system. We call it taco swing, because we lay him in the middle and then fold up this sides like a taco. He starts laughing immediately because he knows what's about to happen and because he likes the change from light to dark.

    For vision, we LOVE shiny pompoms, flashlights, and metal bowls. You can put anything in a metal bowl, shine a flashlight on it, and have an awesome visual exercise.

  5. Look at her, holding her head up ... grabbing the lights .... looking at them intently! I love it. :)