Monday, January 24, 2011

Why we fight

Yesterday I told you about my online support system.
Today I will show you why we fight.

This video was created by Karen. You can check out Karen's blog about her beautiful daughter, Charli. Charli also has infantile spasms and has had a hemispherectomy(half her brain removed) to stop her seizures. Thank you so much Karen!
These kids are strong. So much stronger than we are.

Everyone of these kids have been effected by infantile spasms or epilepsy.
They are my heroes!


  1. Wow... what an incredible video... all those beautiful, adorable faces... What little fighters they each are!

    Every time I'd see the "in memory of" - It just made me gasp... heart breaking. Not fair... not right...

    Did you see where John Travolta was talking about epilepsy & how it doesnt get the acknowledgement it deserves for research & treatment... I was like, "GO crazy dude - speak on!!!"

  2. you're video made me cryyyy. :(
    it was so beautiful...courageous...yet so incredibly sad.
    i hope emily is doing well, i love reading your blogs and hearing that she is progressing in a positive way.
    will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

    p.s. what's is the name and artist of the beginning song in that's amazing!