Wednesday, September 1, 2010

holding my breath

It has been a little over 24 hours since Emily's last seizure. Yes, you read that correct! She went from having 100-200 seizures on Sun and Mon to only having 2 on Tues early morning and now none.

She had a neuro appt on Monday and we made some changes with her meds. We stopped her keppra, began to wean her phenobarb and increased her topamax. Almost instantly we saw an improvement.

Yesterday she was so much more alert and awake. She did great with her OT too.

Emily had her first hearing test, besides the one when she was born, and she passed it perfectly. I never questioned her hearing but some doctors and therapist have because she is very selective with whom she interacts with.

She has been so happy and smiley too! I love to see her feel better.

Unfortunately because of all of her seizures her sleep schedule is crazy again.
It is 3am right now and this is the cute face sitting next to me!!

 Can you hear her scream "talking"? It is funny but dang I am tired. :)

Just so glad I am up with her at 3am doing this and not counting seizures.


  1. oh i love that smile!!!!!!! hello princess emily <3

  2. She's just got a lot to say to you... sometimes mom & daughters need those late night talks! :)

  3. i will hold my breath with you...and pray the trend continues!

  4. So amazing!!! Keep having faith and hope :) and keep going strong! Love you all.

  5. No one knows how much her grandpa Jeff and I love her! She is our precious angel. We sure couldnt ask for a better granddaughter. WE LOVE YOU EMMY! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!
    Grandma and Grandpa Johnson