Monday, March 7, 2011

Baby shower and acth

This past Sunday we had my sister's baby shower.  Amy and I are only 19 months apart and have been very close for most of our lives. We have had times in our lives were we went in different directions but somehow we always end up going in the same direction eventually.

Here lately me and Amy have had to depend on each other a lot when it comes to family support. Now that she is having her first child we have more in common too.

Sammy will be here in just a few weeks if not sooner so time to celebrate!!
Me, the soon-to-be-momma, and Stacy (Amy's friend)

Sisters and our nephew, Ryder.

Amy and her mother-in-law, Betty, she is going to be a great grandma!

Stacy, Amy and Stacy's mom, Cathy.

Cathy was such a help. I am so thankful she was there!

Cathy helping Amy with the gifts.

Me, aunt Shirley, and Amy

Aunt Shirley and Amy.

I am so thankful that Emily and now Sammy will have their great-aunt Shirley. I have some of the best memories of her when we were little kids. She reminds me so much of my grandma Jean. I was so very close to my grandma and I miss her more everyday. I know she would be so proud of aunt Shirley for stepping up and becoming the person me and Amy have needed.

It was such a great shower and I can't wait to meet my nephew. He is very loved already! Thank you so much to the people who came and the ones who helped make Amy's day great!


Today was day 32 of ACTH. Day 23 of no spasms and 17 days with no seizures. We are so thankful for every second without those horrible things.
The side effects are beginning to creep up on us though. The swelling is still minimal and her blood pressure has been good. She is just getting very uncomfortable and miserable. There is not a lot of things that she likes right now beside eating and being held. She hates any therapy or anything physical and her muscles are getting pretty tight so stretching has not been fun. She knows that if she holds her breath she gets out of doing whatever it is.
We will begin weaning the medicine soon so please pray with us that it has worked and that we won't have to seen another seizure or spasm again.


  1. 17 days, WOOHOO!!!! I'm so glad its working for her. Make me want to try it. We only did predisolone. How many days did you do with the first round? I'll pray that you see no more seizures!!

  2. tracy-the 1st round she was on it for 49 days from start to finish. This time we are going for longer and doing a longer wean. Thanks for the prayers!

  3. I pray that the wean goes smoothly and the good results are long lasting! How fantastic that she's gone so long without spasms/seizures!!