Saturday, October 22, 2011

New med update

What a difference a week makes.

This time last week was bad. Non stop seizures, tons of meds, no sleep for me kinda bad.

This past week has been much better, thankfully!

On Monday we upped her clobazam to 5mg in the morning and night. Adding that night dose has made such an improvement with her seizures.

Before clobazam she was having a bad day, recovery day, good day and then start over. All week. A horrible cycle.

This past week she has had one bad day and it was not "that" bad.

She seems more alert and interactive. It really makes me wonder if she wasn't having more seizures that we did not see that was keeping her in a fog.

Little things like making a face at her gets a smile out of her (That means she is seeing more) I was bouncing her in the bed and she was giggling(used to she would crack a smile at best) Her appetite is tremendous! We are watching her calories close to she dose not gain too much weight.

She is also much more vocal! The funny sound she is making melts my heart. :)

She is also developing some new reflexes. Her OT is pretty excited about these. I need to do more research on them to understand better but from what she said it's a good thing!

Oh, and she did this too ;)

Joe was not holding her he was just on stand by in case she tipped over. She held 4 point for about 15 seconds. This is BIG! We have been working on her arm strength for a while and I think it's starting to show!

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