Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kind of a big deal!

Emily literally just began to bear weight on her legs this past week.
We do lots of practicing with it.

So tonight I stood her up and tada....she took a few steps towards me!!!!!
I yelled for Joe to grab the camera and we did it again.

She is so amazing!!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

She rocks my socks!

Tonight she decided to show off ;)

Emily sat up against the couch for about 30 seconds at a time but started thinking it was funny to fall over.

She is so silly!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just proud

I feel like a lot of the time when we talk about or describe our children we tell what they can't do or what is "wrong" with them.

The list can be very long and extensive.

We tell how much they can't do physically.

We tell the words they have not said or the toys they can't yet play with.

Right now I just want to share the awesome, amazing, she-makes-me-so-freaking-proud-to-be-her-mom things that Emily CAN do!

Emily can lay on her belly and lift her head up off the floor long enough to turn it from side to side.

When we are holding her she automatically puts her arm around you holding on.

She can now stretch her left leg (the one that was out of socket) completely straight on her own without pain!

She can activate several toys.

Today she squeezed a ball with both hands during OT.

She can say mom and addy (daddy).

When you say show me your teeth she says ahhhhhhh :)

She can get her fingers in her mouth.

She can hold her hands mid line!

Emily can roll to her side from her back.

She mimics you if you make a sound she will grunt back.

If you do something she likes and ask her if she wants to do it again she grunts.

If you are in the kitchen cooking or she hears the microwave she starts smacking her lips and says ummmm.

She is eating most of 3 meals by mouth.

She smiles all the time.

She is the happiest kid I have ever seen!

She makes me want to be a better mom.

To some people her accoplishments may not be big but to me they are huge!

I am just so proud.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Ava!

Emily and Ava have been friends since Ava was born. :)
Just 3 months apart, we were so excited for them to grow up together.

Ava's mom, Angie, and I have been the best of friends since we were 14. 
I am thankful Angie is raising her children to know that Emily is different but it's ok to be different.

They know that Emily, or ma-lee as Ava calls her, gets her water and food through a tube in her belly.
Angie's son Jakob saw someone in public with a feeding pump and explained when the other kids asked what that was.

Ava knows that Emily plays differently than her, and that is ok with Ava.
Ava accepts Emily for who she is, she knows no different.

Emily adores Ava and loves the attention Ava gives her.

I hope that one day you will read this and know how much we love you.
I hope you will learn how much it means to me that you are Emily's friend.

She will need you when she gets older and people are not kind.
She will learn from you and you will learn from her.

I am thankful that God chooses people to be in our lives and I am glad he chose you to be Emily's friend.

You are a feisty, opinionated little spit fire and I pray that you never change.
You know what you want and you know how to get it :)

Use that when you are older to change the world!

Happy 2nd Birthday Ava!!
Love you!
Erica, Joe and Emily

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Play date

Emily had a little play date with her friend, Ava, today.
Ava loves Emily!
She squeals when she sees her and wants to touch and hug Emily.
It's so sweet!

I love this picture of them! They look so much like Angie and myself!

Laying on the floor, Ava was holding her hand.

Emily love kisses on her forehead. It's a guaranteed smile!

Ava will be 2 next week! I can't believe how fast these girls are growing up!

This afternoon has not been a great one.
Emily is cutting 7, yes that is seven, teeth! We seem to have the pain under control but for whatever reason it is really increasing her seizures! Today I saw some very strong and much longer than normal ones.

After multiple doses of 3 different meds things seem to have calmed down.
Praying the night goes good. It always gets worse at night.

I just wish there was something I could do to help her while she is teething. :(