Friday, July 22, 2011

Cast removal

The cast is off!

Our nurse, Kathy, recorded it so we could show daddy so I took the pics from the video. They are not the greatest but good enough.

She was so happy!

She loves the cast saw! I think it probably tickled.

Still all smiles!

Trying to help Abraham take the cast off!

Hold up! What are you doing?

I don't think she likes this part.

I picked her up and she just cried. It broke my heart but they said it is because her legs are so stiff and sore and they feel weird exposed to the air.

It is very awkward holding her right now too.

Her skin is great, just dry, and they commented on how clean her cast was. It did not even stink!

She did have several seizure once they got her out of the cast. They did a few xrays and had to pull her legs down and pain is a seizure trigger for her. Some valium and a cat nap and she was ok.

We are using warm wash clothes on her left leg to help with the pain. She is already stretching out her right leg on her own. Her left leg was turned and pulled back more the in the cast so it is more sore.

She got a real bath tonight and she really liked it. She moved both legs a little more and I got a lot of the dry skin off.

She has a brace to wear at night for 6 weeks.

She has no restrictions, just go by what she can tolerate.
We have less than a year in early intervention (home based therapy) so we have to kick some booty!

We are just praying the pain and tightness subsides quickly.


  1. I can't believe 3 months have gone by so quickly! Emily, you have proven to me time and time again how strong you really are and you have set the bar on how to be a trooper! I'm so proud of you!

  2. So happy it's off for her! Praying movement improves and pain goes away quickly!!