Friday, April 29, 2011

Still abnormal BUT........

Emily had her 1st post ACTH eeg. It was sleep deprived so that we could catch her falling asleep and then waking up.

Slap happy from keeping her up until midnight!

Love this smile!

She did great! She was not a happy camper when I woke her up at 4am (neither was I).

They hooked her up to the eeg and we wait. I am horrible about staring at the eeg reading the whole time. I can't read them but I can sort of tell the really bad stuff (I did not see that).

Normally you wait a week to get results but her fabulous neuro just happened to be there and he looked at it for us and said....
It is still abnormal (slow background and some spikes) but no seizures and even bigger NO HYPSARRYTHMIA!!!!!!!

This is huge!!!

Emily, at her worst, had over 200 seizures and hundreds of spasms in one day. Completely uncontrolled.
While I still long for her to have a totally normal eeg one day, I will take this!!!

Thank you Jesus!!!!

I promised pics last time so here are a few to hold you over. :)

Emily and her new cousin Sammy.

I had to tell Emily that she could not eat her baby cousin!

You can tell how much shorter her left leg is. It is up and out of socket :(

She is saying "Thanks Kathy for my new chair!" ha she does really well in it. I need to get a newer picture, her head control has already improved so much!! Thanks so much Kathy!!!

Loving on grandma!
She has become very attentive when you talk to her and she smiles at everything!
Emily loves the sound of a clicking pen and loves going from dark to light.
I love that she loves things, no matter how small.
We have so much to be thankful for and thankful we are!
Our God is the same in the good and bad and we praise Him the same!!!!


  1. Great news!! Beautiful !

  2. Slap happy is always so fun! :)

    I love that picture of her looking at Brenda - that is precious!!!

    I'm celebrating with you all!!!! Such fantastic news. Thank you Jesus!!!!!

  3. Oh Erica....what INCREDIBLE news!!!!

    I am soooo happy for you am speechless....

  4. Definitely worthy of celebratiln! So happy for her and for you guys.

  5. Oh my goodness. That is just fantastic. I remember so vividly the feeling when we got our first hypsarrhythmia-free EEG. I am so, so, so happy for you guys. Smooch Emily for me.

  6. This is GREAT! I hope the trend continues and I'm glad you have your happy smiley girl!